Historic photos uncovered

It seems to be high season for uncovering “new” historic photos. 10 days ago the photo enthusiast Anton Orlov found an old camera which held 8 previously unknown photographs from World War One, and now a long lost photo of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima on August 6 1945 has been unearthed.

The Hiroshima photo was not unknown to historians though as a copy had appeared in a Japanese book which had been published in 1988. But the photo itself had been lost. It was discovered in Honkawa Elementary School amongst 1.000 other articles relating to the bombing, which had been donated to the school around 1953 by a survivor of the bombing.

The photo was taken near the town of Kaitaichi, some six miles east of ground zero, two minutes after the bomb had been dropped.

The newly re-discovered photo shows the cloud two minutes after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Photo courtesy of Honkawa Elementary School

A couple of days earlier Antony Orlov, a collector of vintage photography equipment, had discovered 8 photos dating to World War One in an old Jumelle Belllieni stereoscopic camera he had bought at a small antiques store. I will recommend that you all read his blog post about the discovery which can be found HERE.

While the Hiroshima photo may not be a new sensation as such, and though the photos from World War One (shown below) are not bringing much new to the study of that conflict, this is definately this is still exciting news. In times when cameras where not every man’s possessions and decades before smart phones were even a wet dream for a mad scientist in some Silicon Valley lab, photos from conflicts like these are our only chance of getting a glimpse into events that shaped the world we now live in. So every new angle, every new face and every new story that these photos tell us about is a treachure.

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